Working at Bayside Special Development School

Photo of Dr Mark Barber

Soon after arriving in Australia, I moved to Melbourne and joined the staff of Bayside Special Developmental School [SDS] in Moorabbin, on a part time basis as a Leading Teacher and Intensive Interaction Coordinator.

Bayside Special Developmental School

Bayside SDS has become Australia’s Centre of Excellence for Training in Intensive Interaction. The school and its standards of practice were given the enthusiastic support of the UK Intensive Interaction Institute by Dr Dave Hewett during his visit in 2008. At Bayside I work with my long standing and supportive collaborator Karryn Bowen. In addition to being an inspirational teacher and colleague, Karryn generously edits and prepares the Australian II Newsletter.

Mark and Karryn Bowen with Luke and William

Mark with Rosemary Gallagher (former Principal of Bayside SDS) and Dave Hewett

Bayside SDS is a vibrant government funded school in Melbourne’s SE Suburbs, which provides education to students with moderate to profound intellectual disabilities, often with autistic spectrum disorders. The school provided the context for the article ‘Using Intensive Interaction to add to the palette of interactive possibilities in teacher–pupil communication’ published in European Journal of Special Needs Education in 2008 and has an enthusiastic and well established Community of Intensive Interaction Practice.

With Bayside SDS as the host organization, I present a range of regular day seminars and workshops at weekends. These Professional Development events are held at a conference facility which adjoins the school and are open to parents and professionals. Since 2004 over 100 schools from Victoria and Interstate have attended training there.

Weekend workshopWeekend workshop

Weekend workshop at Bayside SDS

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