Conference Presentation Slides


The third Intensive Interaction Australia Conference

Unless specified otherwise, all slides are in Powerpoint 2007 format

Keynote 1 - One case at a time: Practitioners' contribution to building the Intensive Interaction evidence base (2014) - Juliet Goldbart

Keynote 2 - Evidence - Based Practice: It's more than just research (2014) - Juliet Goldbart

Getting attention for all the right reasons (2014) - Ric Day

Beginning the internal conversation - spending time to build nourishing & communicative relationships (2014) - Keith R. McVilly

Online II Moderations - Growing the Community of Practice (2014) - Ben Holt

Narrative Assessment, Learning Stories; Views on assessment from across the ditch (2014) - Kieron Hubrick

Video Interaction Guidance Australia (2014) - Sheridan Foster (PDF)

Intensive Interaction Community of Practice Project (2014) - Pauline McMurtrie (PDF)

Are you sure they are going to buy this? It seems too appropriate and too good to be true! (2014) - Sue Lowry

If it doesn’t say 'no' it means 'yes'; Looking for the spaces to work in the Australian Curriculum (2014) (PDF) – Mark Barber and Janee Williamson


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