Conference Presentations

Mark Barber, PhD

Special Educator

Consultant in Profound Learning Disability

and Severe Communication Impairment

Contact address: PO Box 2477, Melbourne 3001, Victoria


Recent conference papers

Sept 2012 ASEPA Australian Special Education Principals Association; NationalConference Placing the student at the centre of the National Curriculum’

Aug 2012 Disability South Australia; ‘Promoting communication, supporting interaction and valuing people’

June 2012 Leap Frog Ability NSW ‘Using Intensive Interaction with people experiencing complex intellectual disabilities’

May 2012 Interchange Outer East Conference ‘Intensive Interaction ‘

Nov 2011 ASID Australian Society for Intellectual Disability National Conference ‘Using video technology to identify evidence of learning with people who experience complex intellectual disabilities’

Aug 2011 Special Education Leaders' and Teachers' Conference NSW SSP Principals' Network ‘Promoting communication or generating data?’

July 2010 ACTION for children, Penhurst School 2010, UK National Conference Key note;‘What we have learned about curriculum for people with high support needs’5 Ways Conference Yeovil, UK. Interactive Approaches Conference Key Note; Learning through conversations without words’

Oct 2010 Disability South Australia. ‘Walking forward together on common ground'

Recent conference papers (Australia & UK)

May 2009

AGOSCI National Conference Canberra Advanced Interactive Practice: what does it look like

AGOSCI National Conference Canberra To feel the power of communication you have to let go of control

April 2009

Arohanui & New Zealand Schools 3 day Intensive Interaction Conference Auckland Keynote Address Sustainable implementation of I.I. practice and evaluation

Nov 2008

National Conference of Association for Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability [ASSID] Melbourne. Communicating with learners with complex intellectual disabilities

Sept 2008

Penhurst PMLD Conference. Chipping Norton. UK Keynote Address Potholes on the road to intentional communication

NWTDT Conference on Communication with clients experiencing PMLD in Adult Services Manchester UK Keynote Address: Using Intensive Interaction with adults

May 2008

Inaugural Australasian Conference on Intensive Interaction Brisbane [Organiser] What does advanced practice involve?

March 2007

AGOSCI National Conference: Melbourne, Vic, Professional reflection and ‘Self Evaluation Protocols’: Developing communicative partner skills in Intensive Interaction”.

Nov 2006

Association for Scientific Study of Intellectual Disability [ASSID] New Zealand Wellington NZ, Keynote Address: Interaction for interactions sake; How much do practitioners unwittingly contribute to the problems that learners with profound intellectual disabilities experience when they try to communicate? Also; Workshop presentation

June 2006

National Conference on Intensive Interaction: ‘Sustaining Innovation’ Leeds UK, Keynote Address: Using the Framework for Recognizing Progress in Intensive Interaction

March 2006

Australian Federation of Special Education Administrators & Head Teachers, [AFSEA], National Conference, ‘Schools as Researchers’ Melbourne, Vic Address: The use of Intensive Interaction to promote communication with learners with severe-profound intellectual disability and autism

Oct 2005

Arohanui Conference [W.Auckland, New Zealand] Approaches to Profound Autism and I.D. Keynote Address; Promoting social interaction through Interactive Approaches to teaching

Sept 2005

New Zealand Association of Special Education Headteachers National Conference (AFSEA) Keynote Address: Addressing the communicative needs of learners with severe profound intellectual disabilities

August 2005

AGOSCI National Conference ‘Together we can’ Brisbane. Keynote Address: Promoting Sustainable Communicative Involvement with learners with severe/profound intellectual disability and ASD

June 2005

National Conference on the Sustainability of Intensive Interaction LEEDS UK Keynote Address ‘Starting Anew’ …Lessons to be learned from an Australian Experience'

March 2005

Hemisphere Conference Centre, Moorabbin, Victoria. Communicating with learners who experience Severe/Profound Intellectual Disabilities and ASD using Intensive Interaction Independently organised conference day for professionals from Special Education, DHS, Residential Services and Adult Day Services.

Oct 2004

Hemisphere Conference Centre 'Theory to Practice: Helping people with Profound Intellectual and Multiple Disabilities to learn’ Independently organised Day-Seminar delivered to 30 participants from Educational, Residential and Health Service Providers for both children and adults

Sept 2004

Education Queensland Training and Development Seminars [TADS], Brisbane presented three papers; Introduction to Intensive Interaction ; Intensive Interaction How to do it ; The use of Multi Sensory Environments

AFSEA [Australian Federation of Special Education Headteachers] National Conference, ‘Beyond Inclusion’ Brisbane presented paper ‘Inclusion and Learners with Profound Intellectual Disabilities; Geography or Values?’

Queensland Government Dept of Education Statewide Conference ‘This is our school our future’ Keynote speaker, delivering three presentations; Introduction to Intensive Interaction ; Intensive Interaction How to do it ; The use of Multi Sensory Environments

Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists on Developmental Delay [SPOT on DD] 2004 Conference. Keynote Speaker; Day Seminar ‘Assisting people with profound intellectual disabilities to learn'

May 2004

Dept of Education and Training; Victoria [Southern Metro Region] Specialist Schools Twilight Forum [Guest Speaker] Presentation :Intensive Interaction in Educational Settings

July 2003

Speech Pathologists & Occupational Therapists on Developmental Disability [SPOT on DD] ’Looking back, looking forwards’ National Conference [Keynote presentation] ‘Profound intellectual disability: Time for a change of perspective; Generic Error Modelling - theory to practice’ Sydney

March 2003

National Conference Australian Group on Severe Communication Impairment [AGOSCI] ‘Something to say’, Sydney. Paper presented “Why do people with Profound and multiple learning disabilities have such trouble learning?

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