Consultancy Services

In addition to delivering training and professional development, I offer a variety of consultancy services in all parts of Australia and New Zealand. If there is a nearby airport, anything is possible. Consultancies can take a number of forms and depending on the nature of the engagement they can take a range of periods of time to complete. I have experienced consultancies ranging from 6 months to half a day.

While my most enjoyable days are those when I am asked to work directly with and get to know someone with a complex intellectual disability who might be experiencing social isolation; at other times I am requested to work alongside their teachers or key workers to identify possible interactive approaches or teamwork skills which support the learner to find common ground and increase opportunities for communicative engagement with those around them.

I am frequently requested to:

To see a list of some of the schools and settings that have been involved in Consultancies, developing Critical Friendships and/or Professional Development about Intensive Interaction, see Training and Professional Development Services.

Training and Professional Development Services

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