Level 1: Communicating with people who experience severe-profound intellectual disabilities: Introduction to Intensive Interaction

Full Day Programme

This full day training event is relevant to Special Educators, Speech Pathologists, Allied Health Professionals, Day Service Workers, Administrators, Carers and Parents who have contact with learners experiencing severe and profound intellectual and multiple disabilities and/or autistic spectrum disorders

Intensive Interaction

What is it?

Who do you do it with?

What do you do?

What does it look like?

Where does Intensive Interaction come from?

What’s the theory?

What’s the evidence?

What’s the point of doing it?

Room management


How do you recognise progress?

How do you support it happening?

What makes it different?

Is it age appropriate?


This day seminar and workshop will address all of these issues. The idea is that after this training, practitioners will be able to return to their setting with a starting point and understanding of the principles and practices of Intensive Interaction. The approach will be illustrated using a wealth of video vignettes from a range of contexts. Participants on the training will receive a wide range of references and resources including observation and recording sheets and Bayside SDS policy and reporting formats.

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