Level 2: Implementing Intensive Interaction

Full Day Programme

This full day training event is relevant to Special Educators, Speech Pathologists, Allied Health Professionals, Day Service Workers and Administrators, who work with learners experiencing severe and profound intellectual and multiple disabilities and/or autistic spectrum disorders. This training is especially relevant to professionals who are introducing or leading the implementation of Intensive Interaction in their work setting.

Brief review of fundamental principles

Communication is not a performance to be taught, it’s a process that is understood

‘Staying in the grey’

How do I avoid responding like an expensive switch toy?

Growing a culture

Steps to ‘growing’ a culture of Intensive Interaction in your setting will be discussed including who to include, resources to distribute and activities to encourage others to form a ‘community of practice’

‘Start-stop’ video

An illustration of how this video viewing technique can be used to promote reflective practices as well as to explain the process of interaction and review options for interactive responses. This activity can be used to inform and illustrate and explain Intensive Interaction to whole staff teams

Recording interactions

Practice and advice on session recording

What it is not

Intensive Interaction is different from simply being interactive – this part of the day looks at a range of videos to identify the particular aspects of Intensive Interaction which characterize the approach and separate it from others

Moderation of progress

This process promotes professional discussion, reflective practices and shared understanding of Intensive Interaction. It provides a rigorous means of identifying changes and developments without falling back on writing predictive targets and SMART goals. In fact this practice brings improved levels of rigor, objectivity and accountability to the process of creating goals.

The reference point for this process is the ‘Framework for Recognizing Progress’

[or ‘P’ level definitions]

Goal writing [where appropriate]

A workshop which brings together the video, recording methods and observation techniques seen over the day to give content to an exercise assisting practitioners to write non-predictive ‘goals’ and ‘learning focii’

Participants in this training are assumed to have attended an Introduction Course, as ‘Implementing Intensive interaction’ builds on knowledge and concepts that can really only be acquired following first hand experience and insight into using the approach. This full day programme examines some of the crucial factors involved in successfully embedding Intensive Interaction as a working practice. The training has particular reference to Special Educational and Day Service settings. The strategies and advice on growing a ‘Community of Practice’ are taken from 10 years experience of managing the pitfalls and successes of implementing this approach in a wide range of settings.

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