Programme: Promoting a communicative environment for people with profound intellectual & multiple disabilities

This programme has been developed specifically for practitioners working in day and residential services for adults with profound intellectual and multiple disabilities [PIMD]

A brief outline of view of how we learn

What does the term Profound Intellectual & Multiple Disability [PIMD] actually mean?

PIMD changes the person’s experience of learning, communication and control-how do we respond – might we respond differently?

How does age interact with PIMD?

Interactive Approaches:

Pre-intentional communication and communicators

The Affective Communication Assessment

1-1 Interactions,

Creating ‘Small Islands in the Chaos’

Informal / emerging intentional communicators

Joint Action Routines,

‘Signposting the Environment’

Multi Sensory Environments - do they work?


Intensive Interaction

What is it?

What do you do?

Who do you do it with?

What’s the point?

What does it look like?

What’s the evidence?

This challenging and informative day addresses how to implement and develop a communicative environment. It is based on first hand experience as well as a range of peer reviewed and published research. The programme relates to a variety of contexts and wide range of services for learners with severe-profound intellectual disabilities as well as those whose disabilities are augmented by Autistic disorders. This programme includes Powerpoint supported lectures, a range of video clips and discussion. Those attending the training will get a wealth of ideas and references as well as resources for recording and development.

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